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Bucket List, anxiety and Life

So thought i'd finally get round to writing another post. I must admit I've been a bit stressed/down lately. I have been thinking a lot about my future and milestones that I need to conquer and to be honest its... Continue Reading →


TV Catch Up.

So, I have been catching up on so much TV lately its ridiculous. I have multiple programmes currently on the go. NO SPOILERS!  Orphan Black - I've been trying to watch the new series of this but Netflix has decided... Continue Reading →

Cyprus and the rest of my life…

So I have recently came back from Cyprus, it was such a fun holiday!! It was me, Luke, my mum, my step dad,  my sister, my nephew, my step sister and her husband and 3 kids. My mum had paid... Continue Reading →

Busy! Busy! Busy

Sooo... so much has been happening this month and next month is going to be the same. I sort of treat this like my diary/organizer so I remember things I need to do. So firstly, Orange Is The New Black... Continue Reading →

Creative Block

Hi,   So I recently started a bullet journal as some of you will know well.... I've already given up! Seriously how do people find the time to fill these out?!! I haven't been drawing recently either because I just... Continue Reading →

Hows everyone doing?

Hi Guys,   So I am going to start a bullet journal, I tried doing one before but didn't get into it so gonna try again!! I cut my finger today and it really hurts its so gross.. I booked... Continue Reading →

It’s May!

Hey guys, Sorry its been so long, I feel like i'm always busy doing stuff but usually i'm just working... so let me tell you whats been happening lately. On the 6th May it was 3 years working at my... Continue Reading →


So, today someone suggested I start a Instagram dedicated to drawing. I think its a pretty good idea because I would love to sell them I might try get some drawings together and upload to see what people think.. I... Continue Reading →

New York, New York

So, I recently come back from New York. I was super excited to go but to be completely honest it wasn't amazing like I expected. I think I got my hopes up too much about it. We done quite a... Continue Reading →

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