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I am not a good friend

So, I have wanted to write about this subject for a while now but never really knew how to explain myself, I am not a good friend for a lot of reasons but the reason I stopped being a good... Continue Reading →

Whats Been Going On?

So, I hope everyone had a great weekend what ever you was doing 🙂 My weekend was quite alright actually, obviously it went super fast like always but it was alright. So we will start with Friday..... Friday: So obviously... Continue Reading →

Let me draw you!

So, I have been practicing drawing a lot lately and now feel like I am ready to start drawing people and eventually start commission portraits.. If anyone wants a FREE drawing of themselves feel free to message me on here... Continue Reading →


So I have never posted anything about my tattoos really, I dunno why just never been the type of person to upload pictures of them or anything but I couldnt think of anything to blog about and I recently got... Continue Reading →

The Weekend

So not a lot happened this weekend really.. Luke got paid always a good day I booked a tattoo finally can't wait really nervous though as it's gonna be on my thigh 🙃  We stayed at Lukes parents this weekend... Continue Reading →

It’s going good…

So I am still expecting this year to go badly I don't know why I'm just unlucky but this year has so far been really good and I hope it continues.. luke got a new job with a pay rise... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!

So I haven't posted since before Christmas and I have been so lazy so today is the day I finally get back into blogging! I haven't made any new year resolutions because I know I wont stick to them but... Continue Reading →

Christmas & New Year!

So its coming up to Christmas now and I am sooo excited I cant keep it in, I have already brought my Christmas CD for the car so I have been jamming it up on my way to and from... Continue Reading →


I have literally been so stressed lately, I am starting to lose it. Even today its not even 4pm and 3 things have already made me angry. It's so annoying because I wish I could just let out everything I... Continue Reading →

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